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Guidebook on Reopening Your Business After COVID-19

In the weeks ahead, many of you will be reopening your doors once again. The world has changed quite a bit over the last few weeks, and our team at ClearVision wants you to know that we’re here to help. To assist you in preparing and planning for the road ahead, we have created a digital Guidebook on Reopening Your Business After COVID-19.

It is our hope that this ebook can be a resource for your business in providing considerations, recommendations, strategies and best practices on how to successfully reopen your doors once again. Topics covered include:


Section 1: Planning

Financial, health, safety and marketing considerations as your plan for reopening.


Section 2: Preparing

Key tactics, guidelines and factors to prepare for as your reopening procedures are developed.


Section 3: Rebuilding

Adapting and reorganizing for new standards in safety and staffing while building your schedule and ramping up marketing campaigns.


Section 4: Restarting

Keys to maintaining new policies, keeping staff engaged and ensuring ongoing sales for your business.