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Guidebook on Stabilizing and Returning to Profitability

As you look ahead for the remainder of 2020, we know that the path may look a bit unclear.

It is our hope that the contents within this Guidebook will help provide your business with a framework for stabilization, a roadmap for recovery, and a resource to turn to as you navigate new ways of conducting business. A new normal.


Section 1: Bringing Patients Back into Your Business

Predicted changes in patient service, guidance on embracing best practices from the shutdown and marketing recommendations for the future.


Section 2: New Ways of Doing Business

Redefining the patient/doctor relationship, diversifying products and services, competitive pricing strategies and reconsidering traditional retail channels.


Section 3: Reimagining the Patient In-Office Experience

Experience-based retail, modifying in-office merchandising and anticipated changes to dispensing for the future.


Section 4: Saving the Sale/Increasing Capture Rate

Researching online competitors, planning for increasing patient capture rate, providing personalized service/attention and how to effectively save the sale.