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Dr. Fauci: Wear Goggles of Eye Shields to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 (August 4, 2020)
The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases now recommends protecting all mucosal surfaces on the face by using a facial shield, or goggles in conjunction with a mask. (Read More)

20/20 Magazine – Teleoptometry What Do Patients Think? (August 4, 2020)
Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science releases teleoptometric survey results citing 97% participant satisfaction. (Read More)

WebMD - Study: Sterilize N95 Masks With a Microwave (August 4, 2020)
With shortages on N95 masks in some areas, the American Society for Microbiology has released a new study that a microwave can effectively serve as a decontamination tool. (Read More)

WebMD - Face Masks Reduce COVID Infection Risk by 65% (August 4, 2020)
Wearing a facial covering not only curbs the spread of the coronavirus, but reduces a mask wearer's risk of catching the virus by 65% according to the latest science. (Read More)


Guidebook on Reopening Your Business After COVID-19

To assist you in preparing and planning for the road ahead, we've created this ebook for you. It is our hope that this can be a resource for your business in providing considerations, recommendations, strategies and best practices on how to successfully reopen your doors once again.

We're Here to Help

As we all try to navigate these uncertain times, we want help our community in any way we can. We’ve put together this resource center to compile latest news updates, industry resources, training materials, mental/physical health tips and more to help you and your practice.

Updated on August 4, 2020


National COVID-19 News/Information

CDC Strategies for Optimizing PPE Supply
Optimization strategies for personal protective equipment from the CDC when supplies are stressed, running low, or absent(Read More)

CDC Information on Counterfeit Respirators
How to identify and determine counterfeit and non-NIOSH approved respirators circulating on the market. (Read More)

FDA List of Toxic Hand Sanitizers
Food and Drug Administration list of hand sanitizers that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or digested. (Read More) 

USA Today – Many More Americans Need To Wear N95 Masks To Slow COVID-19
ICU doctors argue that for standard masks to be effective, there needs to be near universal wearing of these masks by all persons when in any confined indoor, or highly congested outdoor environment. (Read More)

Forbes Outlines The Science Behind Wearing A Mask
Demonstrative science that wearing mask reduces the total mass and volume of discharged droplets, the distance that droplets travel, and the total droplet mass due to a combination of mask filtration and droplet evaporation. (Read More)


Optical Industry COVID-19 News/Information

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Reopen Eyecare from Vision Industry Leaders and The Vision Council
A comprehensive resource to help eyecare providers navigate the complex journey from shutdown back to "new normal" business conditions with practical insights and a collection of best practices, protocols, tools and tips for reopening a practice and maintaining health until conditions improve(Read More)

American Optometric Association COVID-19 Updates
AOA patient care guidance and resources for doctors of optometry on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis(Read More)

American Academy of Ophthalmology COVID-19 Coronavirus and Eyecare
COVID-19 resources for ophthalmologists, practice management, eye health patients and news from the AAO(Read More)

American Academy of Optometry COVID-19 Hub
The latest information on optometric care, safety for practitioners and the general public as well as updates from industry partners(Read More)

The Vision Council COVID-19 Resources
The latest information from The Vision Council's COVID -19 Implications updates, derived from selected government and public sources(Read More)


Other Optical Industry Resources

Jobson Coronavirus ECP Studies
Results from the latest wave of Jobson’s Coronavirus ECP surveys from the optical industry(Read More)

Invision Magazine COVID-19 Resource Center
COVID-19 resource center for ECPs with Invision’s weekly webinars, industry press releases, and the latest headlines(Read More)

Vision Monday Coronavirus Briefing
COVID-19 crisis response tactics, press releases and industry news from Vision Monday(Read More)

Eyecare Business COVID-19 Resources
Updated information surrounding COVID-19 from Eyecare Business including weekly roundups, surveys and industry news(Read More)

IDOC Resource Center
COVID-19 information including articles on reopening, human resources, finance, marketing, practice management/leadership, government and vendor resources from IDOC(Read More)

PECAA COVID-19 Optometry Resources
COVID-19 optometry resources including financing, human resources, telemedicine, communication, vendor support, vendor education and FAQs from the Professional Eye Care Associates of America(Read More)

ROB COVID-19 Practice Survival Center
Practice tools and help from Review of Optometric Business updated each week(Read More)

Walman COVID-19 Help Line and Resources
Complimentary resources and experts available to help navigate reopening, staffing and payroll, payment terms and programs, patient communication and government assistance(Read More)




General Education/Training Resources

ODs on Facebook Online CE Program
Online CE courses for you and your staff, and web-based ABO and NCLE exam preparation modules. (Learn More)

Online CE Training for ECPs from OptiCampus
Free online education and resources for optometrists, opticians, lab technicians, and ophthalmic personnel from OptiCampus. (Learn More)

SECO University COPE Trainings
Online learning for the optometric community at your convenience from SECO University. (Learn More)

BluTech - Blue Light Certification - Complimentary blue light certification for your business from our partners at BluTech Eyewear. Use Password: ClearBluTech!

ClearVision Training Videos
A roundup of the most important training videos from ClearVision and our Dilli Dalli, BluTech Eyewear, Aspire Eyewear and Revo brands. (Watch Here)

Invision Magazine and Clinical & Refractive Optometry Online CE Learning Platform
Continuing education learning site with COPE CE accredited courses, instant online grading and certification. (Learn More)

Upcoming Webinars

InsideVision Weekly YouTube Episodes
The New England College of Optometry (NECO) and Sector Media Group have launched a new online YouTube series, "InsideVision”, with content and conversation aimed at supporting ECPs and eyecare related businesses with actionable ideas and concepts for an advantageous return to business. (Listen Here)

Vision Expo Virtual EYE2EYE Series
Virtual panels and interactive conversations addressing current challenges in the vision community related to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read More)

Previous Webinars

eyeTHRIVE/GPN Webinar Series
eyeTHRIVE and a panel of experienced, active practitioners develop an early, actionable consideration checklist to prepare next steps for the road ahead. (Listen Here)




National COVID-19 Health News

WebMD Face Shields May Be The Next Step to Prevent COVID
Advantages to wearing face shields in different settings as the country reopens. (Read More)

SELF Are Face Shields Even Better Than Masks at Preventing Coronavirus
Promising research illustrating the effectiveness of shields in protecting against droplets. (Read More)

Wall Street Journal What We Know About Face Shields and Coronavirus
How shields provide protection from COVID-19 that differs from what face masks offer. (Read More)

CDC Coronavirus Disease Hub
Up-to-date information and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Read More)

Wall Street Journal – Face Masks Really Do Matter. The Scientific Evidence is Growing
New research suggests that face coverings help reduce the transmission of droplets, though some masks are more protective than others. (Read More)

AARP – Experts Say Face Shields Better Than Masks
New evidence that face shields might be more effective than masks at preventing infection due to added eye coverage, decreased touching and adjusting, reusability, and increased comfort during hot summer months. (Read More)

Eyecare Industry COVID-19 News

The Vision Council Sanitization Operating Assumptions
Operating assumptions for cleaning frames and handling shipments per the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention and OSHA. (Read More)

AMD Aptamer Treatment is Basis for COVID-19 Detection Device
A drug for the treatment of AMD has provided the basis for a prototype of a COVID-19 sensor smartphone accessory and device. (Read More)

Wellness Resources

Headspace - Online Health & Wellness
Headspace, an online health and wellness resource, which focuses on online meditation, is offering US healthcare professionals, who work in public health settings, free access to Headspace Plus through 2020.  (Learn More)

National EAP COVID-19 Resources
Virtual support groups and mental health tools to utilize during COVID-19. (Learn More)

NY Magazine – How To Clean A Cloth Mask According to Doctors
The best detergents, water temperature, and how to dry. (Read More)




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Financial Information

SBA COVID-19 Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources
Coronavirus funding options, guidance for businesses and employers, local assistance and products/resources from the Small Business Administration. (Learn More)

Review of Optometric Business PPP Loan Forgiveness Update
Updated forgiveness guidelines from the SBA with guidance on rules you need to follow to increase the likelihood of loan forgiveness. (Read More)

Goldman Sachs Says National Mask Mandate Could Save Economy
Details on how a national mask mandate could slash infections and save the economy from a 5% hit. (Read More)

Financial Tools

Review of Optometric Business PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator
Excel-based calculator for those who have secured a PPP loan with insight on reducing practice expenses, creating a new financial budget and monthly reviews of profit/loss vs. budgets. (Learn More)

Review of Optometric Business Strategies for Recouping Lost Revenues
Gauging the shutdown’s impact, forecasting new expenses, investing in staff training for long-term positive ROI, creating a virtual storefront, and using telemedicine to triage. (Learn More)

Review of Optometric Business How To Revise Your Practice Budget To Accommodate COVID-19 Impact
Establishing your practice budget, right-sizing that budget, and partnering with staff to accommodate new financial circumstances. (Read More)

HR Information

CDC Re-Opening Decision Tree
Online tool to assist employers in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Read More)

ClearVision Talent Tidbits Videos
CVO’s talent management team with advice and tips on navigating change, business disruptions and more. (View Here)




Telehealth Resources

EyeCarePro - GetSetCare
EyeCarePro's video telehealth for optometry free platform, GetSetCare. (Learn More)

EyeCareLive - Telehealth Services
Doctor-focused solution combining clinical experience and technology to give patients telehealth care from EyeCareLive. (Learn More) - Telemedicine Options
Simple, free and secure telemedicine solution to create your personal room and start practicing telemedicine today. (Learn More)

Review of Optometric Business FAQs for Telemedicine
Diagnosis, treatment, regulations, billing and other most-asked questions. (Read More)


Marketing Tools

Marketing4ECPSs offers digital marketing solutions to the eyecare industry. (Learn More)

Facebook Shops
Helping small businesses sell online with a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. (Learn More)

EyeCare Pro
Marketing services for the eyecare industry. (Learn More)

Other Tools & Services

VisionWeb's Online Ordering Service
Create and manage your spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame catalogs using information provided by the industry's largest network of ophthalmic suppliers. (Learn More)

Automeyes technology that uses your smart phone's camera to take optical measurements. (Learn More)


Online Optical Selling/Virtual Try-On


Frames Data





Marketing Assets

We are here to help you communicate your business status and available services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The imagery below can be easily saved to your desktop or mobile device, and then used on your own social media pages, in email, newsletters, or printed on posters/flyers for your business.



BluTech Assets

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Zoom Meeting Backgrounds


In-Store Graphics


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